Just a vase/pot project that I made on a whim. I had been practicing throwing with a large amount of clay and this was the result. It's a lot harder than it would seem!
This is the bottom portion of my lidded project. I didn't quite follow the usual formatting for lidded projects; I didn't flare the lip. So the lid is going to sit a little differently but I don't really mind.
This is my bowl that I just finished footing and it will be apart of my set of three. I'm real proud of this one!
This is my little plate for my set of three that I am currently working on.
Recently I've been helping out a lot around the class (unloading the kiln, helping the new people, etc.), which is why I've been lacking on my own projects.
This is the vase I made for my tall project. I'm actually really proud of this one. It's probably my best work yet. Also, you can't see the footing but I spent a lot of time on it and I think it came out rather nice.

The first couple days back on the wheel have been a little rough, to say the least. Probably the clay. I do not have any projects finished as of yet.